Local Repeaters

Here is a list of repeaters normally accessible from St Mary’s County.

CallFreq MHzOffsetPLLocationModesNotes
W3BPT146.850156.7HollywoodFM, YSF
KC3FOQ147.390+123.0LeonardtownFM, YSF
443.300+123.0LeonardtownFM, YSF Fusion Repeater Auto Mode
K3HKI146.640146.2Lexington ParkFM 
146.600SimplexLexington ParkD-Star Hotspot
WA3UMY443.050+Lexington ParkFM
N3PPH441.7875+MechanicsvilleDMRID 311618, Color 1
147.195+156.7Oakville Transfer Station
N3PX145.350156.7Prince FredericFMWide Area Coverage

If you have updates, corrections or new nets please send them to n3ak.jon@gmail.com

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