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5th Annual Connector Workshop – Hosted by Jeff & Pam Humbert

August 16 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Hi, All,

Mark your calendars! It’s time for the Fifth Annual Connector Workshop (Red-Righting, Tongue-Upping the World since 2016) to be held at the home of Pam – KB3SWS and Jeff – KB3SPH on Sunday, 4/26/2020.

This year’s festivities will also include a Linked Dipole (40M-75M-80M) Antenna Build.  For planning purposes (group buy of components in advance), please let me know if you’re interested in building an antenna at the workshop.

Sales Pitch:  A few years ago, Ken – KA3POX and Jeff – KB3SPH each built the linked dipole and have deployed it numerous times at Field Days, ARES drills, and other events.  We’ve used it successfully in the NVIS configuration and as a flat top. One changes bands by opening/closing the venerable Anderson PowerPole connectors. We’ve decided to build another copy to leave at the Fort Washington Medical Center (FWMC) for deployment during hospital drills/communications emergencies. Ken – KA3POX will lead the antenna build and show you how to construct the antenna and weatherproof the connections.  The cost for each antenna is roughly estimated at $40.00 to include center dipole connection (Budwig), ~130’ of wire, insulators, PowerPole connectors, and other miscellaneous parts.  More information on ideas to customize your linked dipole on your own will be demonstrated at the antenna build to include paracord/bungee extensions, staking out the ends, hoisting, coax feedline examples, etc.

So far, the following list will take a crack at building their antenna.  Who else is in? If your name is on the list and you no longer want it to be there, let me know.

Charles – AA3WS

Dan – KC3NKF

Jayne – W4VJU

Jim – KA3LXM

Joe – W0JRJ


Kato – KB3LIB

Ken – KA3POX (to build the FWMC antenna)

Larry – W3RL

Rebecca – KM4RDS

Steven – KC3DSO

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please let me know via return email (humbert1js@gmail.com) and include the number of people you’re bringing with you.


Who: Any interested person. This email is being sent to local area Hams. Please feel free to forward this email to any individual/group that may have an interest.

What:  Free Connector Workshop (except for the Antenna Build portion 😊) focusing on learning about and constructing power cable assemblies using Anderson PowerPole connectors and other crimp-on connectors, PL-259 connector installation, fellow Ham interaction, etc. No experience or bringing of equipment is necessary, come and learn from others!

When: Sunday, 26 April 2020 from 1300 – 1700 (1:00 PM – 5:00 PM).  We will also provide snacks during the afternoon, and supper beginning at 1700 for those who want to stay.

Where: Nanjemoy Creek Environmental Education Center NCEEC. 5300 Turkey Tayac Place, Nanjemoy, MD, 20662

Directions to be provided to attendees later.  For planning purposes, driving times to the workshop location are: 35 minutes from the routes 210/495 intersection, 25 minutes from the routes 6/301 intersection, and 40 minutes from North Waldorf. Antenna build will be outside. If it’s raining, we’ll still find a way to make the antenna build work.

How (To): Briefs on how to use Anderson PowerPole connectors (the ARES/RACES standard) and demonstrations on various configurations to assemble

Hands on use of PowerPole crimpers and insulated connector crimpers to assemble cables

Briefs and demonstrations on preparation of cables and soldering various connectors and Crimp-the-Shield/Solder-the-Pin connectors

Hands on use of soldering equipment

Note: If you have a situation where you need assistance in getting a connector/advice on equipment, please bring that equipment to the workshop and let the “Brain Trust” have a crack at solving the issue.


Why: Get the creative juices flowing!

Again, if you are interested in attending, please let me know via return email (humbert1js@gmail.com) as soon as possible and include the number of people. Family members, friends, etc. are also welcome to attend.

Available at the workshop:

Work table space

Various tools such as a set of PowerPole crimpers (with 15, 30 and 45 amp dies) and insulated connector crimpers for others to use.  If you have crimpers, too, please bring them to share.

15 amp, 30 amp, and 45 amp PowerPole connector sets.

14 gauge, 12 gauge, and 10 gauge cable.

Soldering station equipment. If you want to bring your own, please do.

We envision those who have experience with the various connectors helping those who do not, for a fun time for everyone.

Here are some ideas on what materials to bring to and gadgets you may want to construct at the Connector Workshop.


12 Gauge wire (works well with 30 amp PowerPoles)

Heat shrink tubing

Cable ties

Electrical tape

PowerPole Connectors

Insulated ring connectors


Gadgets to make:

PowerPole extension cords

12V socket/plug

12V power supply “wall wart”

Radio pigtails (cut the power cord for a radio about 8 inches from the radio-specific plug and put PowerPoles on the other end)

Ring end pigtails (to connect to power supplies)

Bare wire pigtails (to connect to power supplies/batteries)

Alligator clips

“Y” extension adapters

Fuse holders

Battery box connections

Solar panel system interfaces

Basically anything that uses DC in my shack or deployable gear gets PowerPole connectors installed.  The sky’s the limit!

Testimonials from past workshops:

*Before the workshop, I couldn’t even spell PoowurPull; still can’t, but I had fun!

*My XYL wonders why I keep mumbling in my sleep, “Red Right, Tongue Up!”

*Nice location, are you sure I’m still in Maryland?

*I didn’t think an old dog could learn new tricks; I was wrong.

*Now I want yellow PowerPole connector housings for my solar panel.

*I only came for the food, but ended up being a connector fanatic.

Again, if you are interested in attending, please let me know via return email (humbert1js@gmail.com).


Jeff / KB3SPH


Cell: 301-848-8043 (leave message, if no answer)


August 16
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The Maryland Emergency Net meets on air every evening from 6-6:30pm on 3.820 MHz LSB. The net is listed on our calendar on the 1st of each month so you can add it to your Google calendar. You can then change your calendar event to recur every day if you like.

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