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2019 – March Test Session

The following folks turned out for the Test Session: Lead VE – Mike Souders KB3ZWM, with his wife Donna Souders KC3BFM, Assistant VE – Gene Talley N3NO, VE’s who checked tests – Harry Dalton WA3CCL, Steve Dagey KA3WAP, and Rob Hoyt N2OMC. Rick McNutt and Bob Herbeg took and passed the Technician Exam (Element 2) […]

The CW HF Receiver Presentation

A huge thank you to Charles Hallock, AA3WS, Secretary of the Charles County Amateur Radio Club, for his presentation at the SMCARA’s February Meeting. This presentation was made with someone studying for the General license in mind. Please see photos, copy of presentation, and a link to PDFs of many Heathkit Schematics and Manuals, which […]

Solar Battery Presentation

A big thank you to Jeff Humbert, KB3SPH, Activities Manager of the Charles County Amateur Radio Club, for sharing his knowledge with SMCARA at our January 24, 2019 meeting. Please enjoy the photos, and links to items discussed and his power point presentation. Here are some links to sources of comparable equipment from Jeff: Solar […]

Meet Our New Secretary, Jayne!

Jayne Marie Dent McNutt – Born and raised in Nashville, TN resulting in my having a southern twang when I talk. I have always loved horses and the arts! I went to Nashville State Technical Institute and earned two Associate Degrees in Chemical Engineering & Technology and upon graduation went to work for GE in […]

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