SMCARA Meeting minutes for August 24, 2017

The August 2017 meeting was called to order at 1935 hours by the new president, June Enti, KC3GYL.

A total of fourteen members signed in for this months meeting providing a quorum with which to do business for SMCARA.

Pledge of Allegiance (Led by KC3GYL) was given by the members

The president called for Introductions around the room. Members gave their name and call sign. The sign in list is available from the Secretary.

The treasurers report was given. SMCARA is solvent with several checks received and the bank balance given. For details contact the Treasurer, Rene’ Ramrez W3BNY, or Secretary, Walt Rupp W3GYT. We have 21 paid up members and a total of 72 amateurs listed as members of SMCARA for 2017 – 2018. The treasurer asked the the remaining members to pay dues to remain SMCARA members in good standing. The Treasurers report was accepted with out a vote. The treasurer will provide a list of call signs and names of members for the website.

The Tail Gate Fest status scheduled for September 16, 2017 was presented by Chuck Gatz K3WJX. Procedures for indoor tables and tail gate areas were discussed. Food vendors will be available for hungry attendees including hot dogs and coffee. Editing of the announcement on the web site was discussed. Secretary will review.

Rene’ W3BNY presented a positive presentation for purchasing the Military tower (‘Rocket Launcher’) for $1,700. The tower and antenna would be used at field day and at other Club sponsored events.  Safety issues and storage plans were discussed. The President, June KC3GYL made the motion to purchase and seconded by Rene’ W3BNY. The motion was not passed with two for and twelve against. The Tower assembly is available for private purchase from Gene N3NO.

Potential Repeater Upgrades as outlined by Tom W4OKW and detailed elsewhere on this website were discussed. The membership voted unanimously to establish a separate fund or $500.00 to begin the improvements. The executive committee will provide guidance and accountability.

The inventory of club capital equipment was discussed but no date has been determined, Dates and times need to be established and they are an agenda item for the next SMCARA meeting.

The Christmas party  date has been set as December 9, 2017 with details to be determined. This is an agenda item for the next meeting in October. Some options are a full pot luck, or just desserts, or meet at a restaurant?

No date for Field Day for 2018 has been set. We need a coordinator to take the lead  soon so planning can start. This item is an agenda item for the October 2017 meeting as well.

Support of the  Boy scout Jamboree in October is requested by Grant Grassele. Please contact him with your plans

The 50/50 winner was Jason N3YUG

The President, June Enti KC3GYL, adjourned the August 2017 SMCARA  meeting at 2030 hours.

Respectfully submitted by W3GYT Any helpful comments or corrections will be accepted by W3GYT.


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